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Our Mission

For Her Pride is on a mission to achieve a period poverty free society, and to promote public health through education and advocacy - eradicating the stigma around menstrual hygiene and health for the education-focused development of our local communities - while mentoring and nurturing the talents and leadership skills of girls and young women aged between 11 and 18. Through the distribution of menstrual and personal hygiene products, For Her Pride focuses on girls from rural communities that are most affected by period poverty and supports local efforts for education and menstrual equity.

Thank you for helping ForHerPride fundraise. This helps us support our efforts and other menstrual equity activities through staff time, development and expansion of programs, warehouse space, and period products shipments, etc.

Rose Mutale


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Rose Mutale

Rose Mutale is an Advocate for women and children’s health, with 5 further years of policy research and strategy experience. She founded ForHerPride as part of her lifelong mission to elevate women and girls’ health and education. She realized that girls’ education outcomes are correlated with access to personal and menstrual hygiene products. Rose holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health, Communication, and Social Science, thereby taking an interdisciplinary approach to ending period poverty in Zambia.


Choongo Hamoonga

Choongo has 7 years’ managerial experience in different capacities in Finance & Administration in the private sector. He currently serves as the General Manager of a group of Property Development & Project Management companies. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Financial Management. He is passionate about availing his talents and skills to the ForHerPride team because the organization’s vision is closely aligned to his heart. He is looking forward to being part of the growth of the organization and helping realize its goals and objectives.


Chikumbi Chambwe

Chikumbi is a medical doctor with over 6 years’ experience in medical practice in both rural and urban Zambia. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Surgery and Medicine from the University of Zambia, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in public health. Currently he is working for Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia where he is a TB/HIV mentor in a CDC funded program. ForHerPride will provide a good platform for him to work with vulnerable groups especially children/adolescents living with HIV. The experience and expertise he will provide to the team is invaluable. We look forward to serving the people with him.


Chilufya Mwanza

Chilufya has 5 years’ experience in education and training both public and private sector. She has volunteered in training and coaching girls within the community and currently serves as the Head of Department in a training college. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts with Education and currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Educational Management. The girl child in recent years has been the focus in terms of empowerment, not negating the boy child, but as the saying goes; “educate a girl child and you educate a nation.”


Dinki Mactribouy

Dinki is a Business Development Manager and Shareholder at Yarden Engineering Services. She has held several positions in different engineering companies and offers consultation in media production. Dinki holds a Bachelor of Laws degree and is very passionate about the work that the organization offers as the mission, vision and goals of ForHerPride are very personal to her as she has MRKH and is excited to be a part of the work that ForHerPride is doing for the many young women in Zambia.


Our Story

For Her Pride was founded in 2017 by Rose Mutale, who has previously experienced period poverty on a personal level during her development as a young woman, as well as through her various charity outreach experiences.

Rose recognized that girls and young women in low-income communities often face a lack of access to menstrual and personal hygiene products, and the stigma around menstrual health in our society exacerbates the problem. Period poverty, inadequate facilities, and a lack of access to reproductive and sexual health education negatively impacts the health and education outcomes of our communities, creating a confidence and self-esteem vacuum on the development of the girl child. Through Service, Education, and Advocacy, For Her Pride aims to move towards a world where girls and young women feel confident and comfortable enough to make informed decisions about their reproductive and sexual health, as well as thrive in their pursuit of educational opportunities and economic independence.

Our Vision

Our goal is to increase education outcomes among girls and young women in rural areas by providing access to menstrual and personal hygiene products and thus keep them in school.



o The Covid-19 crisis has been especially devasting to menstruators across the globe. It has exacerbated pre-existing inequalities and issues, and period poverty is at the center of it all. Research from development and humanitarian organization plan international surveyed health professionals in 30 countries and 73% said restricted access to products and disrupted supply chains is a major issue. 68% pointed to restricted access to facilities to change, clean and dispose of period products. 58% said an increase in price of products exacerbated period poverty during the lockdown.

o In Zambia, the upper primary school completion rate for the girl child is just 8 percent, in rural areas. This severely inhibits and limits career and livelihood opportunities. Most schools in these areas lack adequate facilities required for girls to menstruate with their dignity intact.